Our Mission


The essential purpose for the existence of “The Real American Stars Program, LLC” is to honor those military veterans, men and women alike, who have put their “lives on the line” to preserve the freedoms for which America was founded.  The program also seeks to remember the selfless sacrifice of family members, especially moms and wives of veterans, who endured the uncertainty and sometimes the agonizing loss of their loved ones.

We offer an attractive, affordable, and durable product which you can purchase to honor the service of a family member, neighbor or friend.  Both Blue and Gold Stars may be purchased for the low price of $14.95 per star, plus shipping costs.  Gold Stars are designed to commemorate the veteran who made the ultimate sacrifice and gave his/her life to protect this nation.  Blue Stars honor all Americans who served in any branch of our military.  Both Blue and Gold Stars are also available with a special inscription remembering the mom or wife who supported the cause of liberty.