Our Founder

The “Real American Stars Program was founded by U.S. Army veteran and Randolph, NY native Ralph P. Brown in April of 2009.  Ralph served in Europe in the post – World War II era with the 18th Combat Engineers Battalion.  The motto of the 18th was “Honor”, “Courage”, and “Glory”.  These words are now engraved on each of the Blue and Gold Stars.  Ralph always credits his wife, Alice Brown, for her invaluable assistance in creating the name “The Real American Stars” and for helping to make the program operational.

Ralph & Alice

Ralph & Alice

Ralph Brown, and his 2 brothers, Curt and Maurice, all served in the armed forces.  At one time, all three men were off serving.  This is when Ralph realized that not only are the soldiers serving sacrificing things, but so are the ones that love them back home – their wives and mothers.  That is why Ralph has worked to make these stars special for all of our veterans, and for their loved ones.

From left to right: Ralph, Curt, and Maurice

From left to right: Ralph, Curt, and Maurice

Listen to Freedom – By Maurice Brown


The freedom we cherish, has never been free

Thousands have perished for our liberty

America threatened, they answered the call

Brave men and women, patriots all


Proudly we honor their legacy

The home of the brave, the land of the free


Defending their family, their home and their land

Depending on God their courage would stnd

Gaining the victory and never defeat

Wherever the battle, they’d never retreat



s we proudly watch “Old Glory” wave

Remember the fallen and visit their grave

Our future, our freedom will always depend

On the blessings from God and the courage of men